Tropical Tree Day – Volunteering in the Daintree

The Conservation Volunteers Australia, Cairns, held a special two day event where volunteers from around the city (including students from Cairns Student Lodge) took the opportunity to plant shrubs and seedlings in the Herberton Range State Forrest in Atherton. After a very long drive up the Kuranda range at 7:30am in the morning, we finally arrived at our destination. After having our morning refreshments and a brief of what was going to be accomplished, we set off with hats, sunscreen, water, spades and saplings. After planting the young trees in the conservation nursery, lunch was served on the barbeque. Succulent sausages and fresh bread and salads were served in the barbeque facilities, as a treat to our contribution.

After a quick lunch it was back to planting more plants, shrubs and seedlings in hope that they would grow and flourish in the nature of the Tablelands. Many animals were spotted during the day such as wild turkeys, kookaburras, tree kangaroos and local birdlife. Many of which were fantastic to look at and to also to see in their peaceful habitats with out the disturbance of the city life.

After the drive back down the Kuranda range once more, everyone had felt like they had accomplished something today and gave back to the environment and restoring the natural well-being. Unfortunately, the second day of the volunteering programme was cancelled due to lack of participants.

Cheers, Bryce Remin