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The lodge is honestly a home away from home! 🙂 The plants are amazing to wake up to, the apartments are spacious, they have everything you need, and they have great views outside a lot of the time as well! The way breakfast, lunch and dinner are set out also make it perfect for you to meet new people and develop new friendships from day one which i found really great. Also, if things need repair (very rarely) it is done extremely quickly and well, and management are all very friendly and make you settle in easy! The food is also great and theres always options which is great if you’re vegan/vegetarian. Honestly, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the lodge to anyone considering on going especially because of the staff. Would definitely stay if i did not have to go back home! 5 Stars

Angelo Abdelmalek – 28 February 2018

Testimonial Thank you Card Canadians

From two happy Canadian Residents of Cairns Student Lodge – 26 February 2018

Stayed for 4 months during a summer internship at JCU. It’s very convenient to be that close to the uni.
Room with aircon and a double bed was awesome.
Made a couple of good friends there, lots of social stuff going on. But also quiet time at night so you can actually sleep.
Food got a bit boring after 4 months, except when chef Connie works, her food is awesome!
Hamish is the nicest guy ever. He knows everyone personally and makes an effort to stay up to date on what they are doing. He’s always in for small talk and seems like the kind of person you could go to if you’re in trouble.
Great place for students just starting out and for short stays like I did. 5 stars

Sophie V – 25 February 2018

Loving every minute of my stay here in CSL. The best thing is that it’s very convenient. Everything is near you all the time. 5 stars.

PJ PaXiNation – 16 February 2018

Food was delicious and the atmosphere made me feel quite comfortable! I would recommend!!

Phelix Lee – 27 January 2018

4 stars

Vivian Stemp – 5 January 2018

Response from the owner:
Hi Vivian, thanks for your review however, we note that you have never stayed with us.
Hope you are free and can drop by and have a look at our wonderful facilities. We would be more than happy to show you around and offer a free lunch at our Dining Hall too. I’m sure you will revise your rating to a 5 star if you do!
Cheers, Karen

Nice experience stayed there for my exam… peace and pool to relax after exam… though location is bit far from lagoon and city.. . Facility nice, basic necessity shops near by.., JCU near by. 131008 cabs helped me for rest. 4 stars

Aashi Nigam – 14 December 2017

Comfortable and serene accommodation that is in close vicinity to James Cook University and a shopping center. The staff are friendly and helpful. Meals served in the facility are simply scrumptious. My top pick for a place to stay in this area. 5 stars


I came to Cairns as an exchange student from Maryland, USA and was immediately surprised at how friendly and welcoming everybody was here in Cairns. The staff at CSL are no different. Upon my arrival I was greeted by the manager, Hamish, with a friendly smile and introduction and was asked if there was anything he could to help make my stay here more pleasant. It’s still hard to think of anything for them to improve upon as it seems they’ve thought of nearly everything to help make settling in as easy as possible.

I particularly enjoyed the landscaping when I first laid foot in the courtyard and along the paths. It made me feel like I was in the midst of a tropical resort, relaxing by the pool felt like a real paradise, especially in the summer heat (or the surprising “winter” heat too). I found my stay here entirely worry free, and I greatly enjoyed being surrounded by fellow students and people my age to help immerse me into a social life. Getting a start in a new country can be difficult, but CSL offers a wonderful and valuable resource for making friends, especially if you’ll be staying for awhile.

— Shoutout to Mark, Rumana, Minnie, and Yuna for being wonderful friends, you guys made my stay so much more entertaining and I hope I’ll see you all again soon. Best of luck with your future endeavors and studies. 5 stars

Benjamin Mann – 5 December 2017

It is a paradise. Perfect for those who don’t wanna think of anything but study. Food is restaurant type. Staff is amazingly friendly. Lots of things to do around (swimming pool, table tennis, pool etc). 5 stars

Arthur Shirokov – 28 November 2017

Thanks Hamish for such a great stay at Student Lodge. I think the results at the MTB World Championships from the Swiss Cycling team say it all. Good, uncomplicated accommodation even for sport stars.
Best regards from Switzerland, Pascal

Pascal Seydoux – 13 November 2017

Thank you Hamish for the good time in your Lodge. It was just perfect for our stay as Physiotherapist to work in your rooms as well as guest in the clean, quiet and comfortable rooms. Also the garden in the middle of the lodge was good for staying around.
Very good facilities also around the lodge, supermarket, rainforest, gym, swimming pool, wlan… and the staff was very friendly, helpfull in different things.
Thank you so much, I just can recommend this lovely lodge! greetings from switzerland, daniela

Daniela Eugster – 30 October 2017

Daniela was happy with her stay we even received a postcard from her too:

Front of Postcard QLD Back of Postcard QLD

I would like to thank all the wonderful staff at CSL for all that they have done over the last two weeks it has been a great time had by all.It really is a first class place to stay everybody was so helpful it made the hole team feel at home(enough to win lots of medals) From the hole team once again thankyou very much for the stay.

Bruno Odermatt – 30 September 2017

The James Cook University Cairns student lodge was a great base for our ANU masters degree course with its excellent accommodation, food and facilities. It provided a good range of venues extending from the main meeting room with its projection capacity to the various options in the court yards which were well suited for small group discussions. The staff were extremely helpful whenever we had things to sort out and ensured that we were able to make the best of the wonderful Cairns region as a stimulus for our field work examining research policy interactions in practice. Thanks again.

Dr. Daniel Connell – 15 September 2017

Clean rooms, aircon, good showers and food, no bugs, really enjoyed staying here for nine days with all the integrated water cohort while we travelled the area. Good place for large groups to stay. Courtyards and pool area make it easy and pleasant to socialise at the end of the day. Thanks Hamish

Hudson Cameron – August 2017

I have stayed there for 1 week, it was a very nice experience and like to place so much. Staff are wonderful, Hamish is a super friendly and very nice guy, even he offered us a drop to city centre. Food was wonderful, kitchen staff are very friendly and attentive as well. Nikie the chef was a lovely lady along with another lady with her in the kitchen. To sum up, wonderful place, people, food and location to uni.

Iden Mahmood – 19 July 2017

Very pleasant stay. No problem whatsoever. Highly recommended. 5 stars

Tej s – April 2017

Very nice accomodation for a student. 4 stars

Jessica Avel – February 2017

The Lodge provides convenient accommodation for university student at James Cook University. A great place to be close to your friends 24/7. 4 stars

Israel Needham – 13 December 2016

Over the last 3 years living at the Cairns Student Lodge I must say I have had the best experience! A safe, warm and friendly place that is in a fantastic, convenient location. The new upgrades are the best I’ve seen in 3 years with an amazing and friendly support staff to boast! Food has great variety with a kitchen team always open for suggestions and feedback! Definitely a great choice for all prospective JCU Students alike!

KGen196(Kae Jenn) – 10 January 2016